Besides asking you if you're actually VIP, we won't ask any other questions. You are guaranteed access to any event that isn't a tournament that you had to individually register for. Long line for Gaming Trivia, "The Random Tournament", etc? Skip to the front and guarantee a spot in the event. Even when we have to push people away, you'll have a spot. 

No, there isn't a swimming pool either. 

Guaranteed Access. No questions asked.

Still not convinced? How about being featured on our website forever? Yes. Forever. We don't really have a reason to take your VIP status away (unless you give us one), so let's let everyone know that you have been a VIP at one of our events by putting in the VIP Hall of Fame for KC Esports. 

*We can't all look that good, but we do have Photoshop.

For all eyes to see.