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Galaga! Dig Dug! Space Invaders! AND MORE! You may not be a big fan of all the fancy games that now exist, but you can't help and open the soft spot in your heart to the oldies that rocked your 8-bit childhood. Come try your luck on our arcade vintage arcade machines and try to set the highest score over the 3 days to see if you can win some epic prizes!

Pokémon Go


You're probably wondering what this even means. Well, you're in luck, because we're gonna tell you! You know how there's 3 different teams in the game? It's time to rally the troops. Each team will only get to have a maximum of 15 players participate in the tournament per team, making it a total of 45 players total.

Mario Kart


Blastline Esports is hosting a Mario Kart tournament. You might be great, or you might be really bad. It's free to register, so none of that really matters! Race as fast as you can to see if you can win some prizes! (Limit 20 participants per time slot)